Additional Resources


FamilyMeans Education Opportunities:

Please contact Jenny West, Community Educator at 651 789-4015 or email for information and for scheduling of these opportunities.

Quarterly Caregiver Education Topics

Attend an informational session for a ‘deep dive’ into a topic that you can apply directly to your caregiving. Past topics have included Medicare changes, home safety, mindfulness and self-care and Q & A with a doctor. Local guests and experts are invited to share their knowledge. Please contact us to join our next educational meeting.


Shaping Your Tomorrow: Dementia and MCI, a 10-week series for those with memory loss and a family member or friend, offering a safe setting for learning, asking questions, and sharing experiences. This series offers vast resources and brings in guest speakers on how to build a support system, ways to adapt your environment safely, how to communicate to healthcare providers, elder law and financial planning issues, local services and ways to keep active and stay positive during this journey with dementia. 

FamilyMeans, Powerful Tools for Caregivers
This 6-week series helps caregivers take care of themselves while providing care to someone else. Topics include self-care, reducing personal stress, communicating feelings in challenging situations, learning from emotions and mastering caregiving decisions. Attendees will benefit from this program whether helping a parent, spouse or partner, child or friend who lives nearby

When to Worry

Have you ever wondered if you are losing it? Join us for a conversation to better understand what “normal” memory loss versus signs of early dementia may be. Discuss tips on how to manage behaviors and various approaches that can be tried. Resources will be provided.

Communicating When Dementia Interferes

This workshop offers tips for understanding and communicating with someone affected by dementia. Learn strategies and skills to handle troubling behaviors and how to remain connected with your family members. Discussions will cover how dementia affects a person’s ability to understand and communicate, and ways to feel more confident in your caregiving role.

Being a Working Caregiver

FamilyMeans Caregiving & Aging social worker to provide assistance and counseling for your unique situation being a caregiver. Discuss decision making, communication, planning and challenges. We are here for you. Packages and sliding scale fees available.

Be Brave Enough to Start a Conversation that Matters

It’s difficult to know when your concerns should qualify for action and possible change when it relates to another person. How do you bring up concerns over housing, finances, health care advance directives and even death? By recognizing those concerns and knowing what steps may follow, you can prevent crises and maximize communication with everyone. Start those difficult conversations sooner rather than wishing you had started them months ago.

FamilyMeans, Virtual Dementia Experience

This virtual reality (VR) experience is an immersive learning tool that helps users view the world through the perspective of a person living with dementia. Caregivers gain insight and better understand the impact of the disease. Community members, service providers, and business leaders develop an appreciation for dementia-friendly changes they can make.